Inside & some history.

The building originates from the 13th century and architecturally is an interesting combination of lavish culture and monastic simplicity.

It's reminiscent of Hogwarts School of Magical Arts and overlooks Florence which is a short taxi ride away.

Shown here is the beautiful deconsecrated church which serves as a multimedia room for our workshop conferences and demonstrations.

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There are several dining and meeting areas and they echo the style of respectful restoration that lends this location it's great charm. They are monastic in style and simplicity is everywhere.

This short documentary in Itaian gives you a very interesting history of the building and it's significance to travellers throughout history.


For non painting partners or people who want to stay on after the workshops, there are some very interesting and well organised hiking trails to explore.

You can read more about them here.


This link refers to a printed hiking guide book, in both English and Italian which is available to buy when you arrive.



Artist Guide

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