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Jennifer Sendall _ EnglandI enjoyed myself tremendously at Tuscany Plein Air. We had a grand 1930's decor villa to stay in, I felt I had wandered onto an Agatha Christy film set! I enjoyed making new friends, and the food was delicious and fresh. Although I am a fairly experienced plein air painter I found myself learning things daily. The rural environment around Florence is breathtaking, the light and colours are wonderful, the shapes of the architecture and trees are just so Italian! No wonder Italy was the destination of so many great artists. I recommend taking some extra days to explore the city. Thanks for a great time folks, wish I could have stayed twice as long!

Pat Mahony Getz _ USA
I loved attending the Plein Air workshop and I loved the opportunity to be in Florence.  I was greatly affected by the work I saw of others and I loved the feedback and enthusiasm.  I am primarily a studio painter who is influenced by what I see inside and out.  Working directly from life on a sustained basis opened my eyes to other possibilities.  I have done more plein air work than usual since I have returned.  I loved the camaraderie and especially our cocktail hour and dinner at night. I would definitely recommend Tuscany Plein Air to friends. I really loved staying at the villa, it was perfect in all respects and the lectures were very understandable.


Heather Hibbit _ Australia
The workshop was beyond expectations. It was an opportunity to learn, how to paint in oils, how to compose a scene, how to 'see' colours, light and dark tones, and to gain confidence. It was also a holiday, and that was an extra bonus. I recommend and promote Tuscany Plein Air. Putting into practice what we learn is most important. I am grateful for what you gave me, and am aware that there is nothing like 'getting one's hands dirty' to learn. The villa was superb.


Elizabeth Kirschenman _ USA
It was my first time to Italy, and I appreciated the opportunity to paint en plein air, without the everyday responsibilities and distractions. The villa was beyond my expectations.  - very comfortable.  I felt like a princess! The social events provided a change of pace and a taste of  the "local" environment. I am much more aware of value, eg "connect the darks",  I've been experimenting with the different composition ideas and it was very good for me to work en plein air in regard to distilling the essence of what I hope to convey and not becoming myopic.  Being on site was good for me in that I had to work faster due to changes in the light. 



Maria Levigne _ Ireland
Some little Plein Air paintings and oil sketches from my week with Tuscany Plein Air at Villa Tantafera. Thanks to Tom, Llewellyn & Rory for such a great week in the hills above Florence.



Many thanks to the artists who participated in 2015 and 2016.
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Roger Clark _ USA
My wife and I had a great time at the May 3, 2016 workshop. Tom Byrne is a charming host as well as a superb artist. He set up an easy and congenial atmosphere with fantastic food and plenty of wine. It was far more than promised or expected. In the evenings we all gathered around the fireplace to discuss the day and show our work. It was a rollicking good time usually enhanced by some surprise from Tom. By the end of the week we all felt like family. Tom is also an inspiring teacher. He's serious and fun at the same time. We learned some new things, relearned some old things and picked up some good work habits. Of all the workshops we've attended, this was by far the most fun and rewarding. And what a great place to paint!


Philippa and Robert Seebohm_ England
After spending 3 days in Florence admiring the views, we were picked up by Tom and Lewellyn with the group, to travel to the villa in the countryside. From the top logia, we could see wonderful views, looking across the countryside to Florence, with the mountains in the background. We really enjoyed being able to concentrate on painting, in our case, using watercolours.

The tuition that we received from Tom proved to be very enlightening. Particularly regarding how to manage greens, and how to use tones in watercolour landscape painting. We enjoyed the group atmosphere and we benefitted from seeing the other painters excellent work in oils. The food was very tasty also. It was an enriching experience to have had, in Tuscany, so different from home in London....Philippa and Robert


George Thomas _ England
I had an amazing time at the Tuscany Plein Air event! The structure and tutoring was great. Tom is incredibly knowledgeable about plein air painting and was constructive with critiquing my work. I learnt a great deal and this was evident in the progression of my paintings over the week. The Tuscan landscape is incredibly beautiful as is the villa which is in a prime location with amazing views! Tom was a generous host and all the guests were friendly and great company. The food and wine was also great! I highly recommend anyone who is interested, regardless of ability, to participate in this event.


David Goldberg _ Ireland
"Tom Byrne's Tuscany Plein Aire is a very good week for any painter who likes the direct approach to painting landscape. It is well organised, and well structured. If you need tuition then Tom has an abundance of knowledge and skill. He measures his approach to the individual, so a beginner or an advanced painter will glean a lot from his discussion, demonstrations and critiques. He also prepares well with useful handouts. If you don't want tuition, and just want to paint, then he might be a little put out but will accept it gracefully. The accommodation is excellent as is the food, and plenty of wine. Well it is Italy!"

Tony Robinson _ Ireland
Tuscany is a wonderful region to paint with its magical light morning and evening and stong contrasts in the middle of the day. Tom Byrne and Tuscany Plein Air made the experience a special one by creating a friendly, collegial atmosphere among the guests with relaxed, interesting conversations over delicious italian dinners. The villa chosen was very comfortable and full of charm with spectacular views over surrounding hills and olive groves. There was comprehensive tuition tailored to suit all levels of experience and practical hand-outs accompany Tom's demonstrations in both oil and watercolour. With every aspect from pick-up, day-trips, food (and wine), accommodation and local information geared towards a wonderful and productive holiday, I was amazed how much I actually painted while thoroughly enjoying myself. I warmly recommend it.


Natalia Eremina _ Moscow Russia
It was fantastic week with Tuscany Plein Air! Flourishing Tuscan area where each little corner worthy of painting. Tom is amazing artist and very inspiring teacher I learned a lot from him and many things opened for me from different point of view. I had strong desire to work each and every moment of Plein Air and try new knowledges and tips from Tom's demonstrations. Tom has done great deal so that we all could enjoy Plein Air painting as much as possible! Accomodation and food was beyond praise! And Wine even more so! Also It was warm open and friendly atmosphere between fellow artists, with plenty of interesting talks laughs and new friends.

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