Tuscany Plein Air’s workshops and paintouts emphasize the principles of the realist painting methods.

We don't teach people to paint in a particular style and the events aren't strictly workshops. We demonstrate and explain methods which make it easier to capture a painting in a representational manner. From how to see, to how to use mediums. Workshops are scheduled and demonstrated by experienced Plein Air Artists who have been trained in the principles of the Figurative Art movement. The instructors act as guides rather than teachers, offering advice and demonstrations. Workshops offer a very relaxed and vibrant environment and a great opportunity to learn informally. For anyone who just wants to paint without workshop instruction, they are completely free to do so.

Our villas are located very close to the city of Florence in Tuscany but are also very private and although workshops and demonstrations are provided, there is no obligation to take part if you want to relax and find your own art niche. Being close to the center of Florence, with it’s historic art collections and museums is also very inspiring for anyone who wants to explore before or after the week begins.

Principles taught in the academic art studios of Florence are translated to the natural environment where light and shadows are constantly changing. Consequently the realist painting process has been adapted to enable the artist to work quickly, using a variety of methods which result in a powerful representation of reality.

Topics will include

The Concept


Artist Guide

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